Izvještaj sa skupštine IFATSEA-e 2020 - webinar Ispis
Ponedjeljak, 21 DECEMBER 2020 00:00

Održana 50. godišnja skupština: IFATSEA General Webinar 2020.

Dana 12.prosinca 2020. održan je webinar IFATSEA-e.

Zbog globalne epidemije COVID-19 virusa, planirana godišnja skupština u Pragu je otkazana te je u zamjenu održana godišnje okupljanje članova putem webinara. U prilogu vam dostavljamo pismo izvršnog tajnika IFATSEA-e, kao i linkove na materijal sa održane skupštine.


Dear Affiliates,


We had the opportunity, last Saturday, to communicate with you in our

General Webinar 2020. All Executive Officers were happy to share their

activities during the current year. In spite of the challenges and

difficulties since past March, our tasks and responsibilities kept us

motivated to do the best contribution to the ATSEP community and, it is

always with great joy that we sense the feedback of your interest and


I would like to enlighten the supportive statement from the invited

keynote speaker Dr. Ruth Stilwell, Executive Director of Aerospace

Policy Solutions LLC, former ATCO in Miami, Vice-President of NATCA and

IFATCA ICAO Liaison Officer. She gave us a strong message on the ATSEP

importance on the ANS recovery.

Now, the General Webinar RECORDING and Executive Board Officers



Just visit the IFATSEA Website and find these information in our



(http://www.ifatsea.org/membership-resources/e-library/ [1]), under the

folder: IFATSEA General Webinar 12 December 2020


Have a nice time watching the Webinar!

Stay safe and healthy!


Kind Regards,

Cristina Felix

International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations

IFATSEA Executive Secretary

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